Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Here is a simple and fun craft project that you can create where gathering the materials together is more than half the fun.

We like wine. Every time we finish off a bottle of wine we put the bottle in the glass recycling but we save the cork. Slowly over time we end of with enough corks to make something and a simple wine cork bulletins board is one of the easiest projects.

What you will need

  • A frame with a backing
  • Lots of corks, about 2 for every 3 square inches of board
  • White glue like Elmer’s glue

Simply put a line of white glue on a cork and hold it to the board. While your kids should probably not help empty the wine bottles they can certainly help with this. I like alternating the corks in this two horizontal, two vertical pattern.

Wine Cork Bulletin BoardYou can use more unusually shaped corks like Champaign corks but they won’t fit as evenly. It is easier of there is some uniformity in the size and shape of the corks. Some corks will have the name or logo of the winery so position the corks with the brand out.

If the cork is from a specific wine oriented trip or a special event, take a pen and write that on the cork to make it even more special.

If collecting corks one bottle of wine at a time is too slow, ask your friends to help, ask your local bar or wine tasting room or collect corks from the next wedding you attend. We are bringing a bag of corks to my daughter and her husband who have plans to make a wine cork backing for their dart board.

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