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Running a Community is like Throwing a Party

Running an online community is like throwing a party. That’s what Jenna Woodul LiveWorld’s Chief Community Officer told me sometime in the 1990s. I have always liked the analogy. I attended my first meeting of a particular meetup group recently. I arrived with my artichoke dip and entered into a house full of strangers. I …


The Coming Social Media Backlash… For Jerks

One of the great things about Social Media, I believe, is that it forces companies to be more transparent. It pressures them to create better products and provide better customer service since their missteps will be broadcast in the social media community. But, how will we feel when companies start treating their customers in the …


Facebook Is Not A Community (No, Nor is MySpace)

If you have ever been in a foreign country you have probably had a conversation similar to this: “You are from California? I have a friend in California, maybe you know him!” We always laugh when this happens because California has roughly 30 million residents and is larger in size than many countries (it is …