Podcasting On A Mac, What is Needed

Dear Apple,
I don’t know if you have plans to upgrade GarageBand as a podcasting tool or for making a special podcasting tool but I just did a special version of my podcast on how I make my podcast using GarageBand, iTunes, Audacity, etc which might be of use if someone is thinking about what the tools could do. The steps that are a pain right now:
1) the limits on how long something can be in GarageBand get in the way. I had to make my last show shorter because I hit the limits
2) When you are using GarageBand, it would be more useful to see times than measure numbers
3) When you export to iTunes you do it as AIFF instead of mp3, aac (or both)
4) It always exports as 160bps and neither iTunes or GarageBand seem to be able to change that so I use Audacity to convert the file
5) You can’t set chapters back in GarageBand
6) You can’t setup MP3 attributes which would be more useful as most of them don’t change
7) When I tried to do an interview using Skype and GarageBand setting up to record from Skype has its own little joys and extra tools (
8) When I recorded a 25 minute interview from Skype 2 or 3 times GarageBand keep recording but stopped playing and since the sound was going through SoundFlower to GarageBand from Skype that meant I could no longer her the interview.
9) To use an iPod as a mobile recording device is no good with the limitations on the recording rate unless you install iPod Linux on the device.
here is my how to show:

In general I think that with a reasonable amount of work recording a podcast on a Mac could be easier than anywhere else. Having sound transformers, being ale to make your own intro music with loops, being able to mix multiple tracks in GarageBand is cool. Ron from Podcast411 says that he thinks that 40% of podcasts are being made on Macs today.
Thank You

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