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bzzagentIf you have not heard of BzzAgent it is a company that gets paid by companies to create word of mouth advertising or buzz. I have been a BzzAgent for some time now but had not participated in any campaigns. But recently they had a campaign advertising a new burger (the Smokehouse Bacon Burger) at Chili’s restaurants. Well, I happen to like bacon and burgers and Chili’s is where I took my family for my birthday dinner (the tradition is that the person whose birthday it is gets to choose the restaurant). So this seemed like the time for me to activate from my sleeper agent role and create some buzz.
BzzAgent sent me a kit which included a brochure about the new burgers and 4 coupons to try a burger for free. My wife and I each used one of the coupons and then gave two of the coupons away. The idea then is that I tell people about my experience. BzzAgent is very clear that the agents should tell the truth which left a good taste in my mouth (and hey so did that burger if the truth is to be told).
I then need to report to BzzAgent on at least 3 times that I told some one about the new Smokehouse Bacon Burger (subtle right?). As part of the report I need to attest that:

YES, every person I Bzzed in this BzzReport knows that I’m an Agent and that I received a way to experience the product or service, even if it’s not specifically mentioned in the report itself.

It was an interesting experience. I still find the business model strange for BzzAgent but I found the experience to be more positive that I expected. I understand now why one of my co-workers raves about being a BzzAgent. Besides, I really did enjoy the thick tasty (marinated?) bacon on the Smokehouse Bacon Burger.

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