Think You Know Everything There is To Know About Google Search?

I can google with the best of them… at least that’s what I thought before I saw this interview by Patrick Norton of Google’s Matt Cutts.
I knew how to:

  • do a phrase match – use quotes
  • exclude specific words – use minus
  • do spell checking
  • get around spell check – use plus
  • do currency conversion – convert 20 dollars to yen
  • limit the search to a single site – paris

I did not know how to:

  • use a fill in the blank type search – mt everest is * feet high
  • search only in the .gov domain – site:gov
  • do a search for a number in a range between two numbers – 12..30
  • get flight numbers
  • get the time in zurich
  • look up words in a dictionary – define:
  • look for specific file types – filetype:
  • look up local movies – movies 95129

So if you already have your bachelor’s degree in google search but you want to earn your master’s degree check out this video.
Thanks to Jim Karter at Earn Money Online who brought this to my attention.

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