Lifehack and Evernote – How to Remember Things

It was a hard week for hardware in my house. My trusted TiVo and my MacBook Pro both broke in the same week. The Mac was quickly fixed (a $1700 repair including new logic board for free under AppleCare) and I actually had a new TiVo in the closet. In both cases the real loss (even if temporarily) was not the hardware but the data. This got me thinking about where is my data stored and the advantage of online data storage.
del.icio.usThe first change I have made is a return to is a popular bookmarking tool that you are probably already using as was I but not for my main bookmarks. I use Safari on the Mac as my main browser in large part because of the hundreds of bookmarks that I have in the browser. I am experimenting with adding all me newest bookmarks to instead.
Advantages of :

  • My bookmarks are now backed up on someone else’s hardware
  • My bookmarks are now shareable
  • My bookmarks become browser independent
  • There are plugins for both Safari and Firefox to let me use my bookmarks in an integrated fashion
  • I can now tag and describe my bookmarks

Disadvantages of using :

  • When I am offline I no long have access to my bookmarks
  • I have to decide what information is public. When you watch my bookmarks you get insite to what I am thinking these days. That can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Chris Brogan had twittered about Evernote recently which made me look again at this service. It is a difficult to describe service that allows you to put your notes (including pictures of hand written notes or any other pictures) into a database. The database is automatically mirrored onto the Evernote servers on the Internet.
The idea then is that you could collect scraps of info on your computer or even from your cell phone. You can then organize or view them from anywhere you can open a browser including your cell phone. The service even has built in OCR functionality so that pictures of a sticky note, for instance, can be searched via a text search. I have just started using the service but could easily see it replacing my current solution (SOHO Notes) for those little bits of information you want to find again.

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  1. I just can’t get used to Evernote… I’ve given it a real honest test, but still come down to Printing to PDF to a directory that I can get to through Evernote’s representation of webpages leaves a lot to be desired and if I don’t recognize the note,quickly, it’s worthless to me.

  2. Did you download the application also? I am just starting to use it but I like it better since doing that rather than just using the web interface.

  3. “When I am offline I no long have access to my bookmarks”
    If you are offline, then what good are your bookmarks exactly? And when are you ever at a computer these days without connectivity? Hell, I even had free WiFi on flight to Barrow, AK last month.

    1. I am on my laptop without connectivity all the time. I find that to be true especially on trips and particular on trips to Europe. Free wi-fi on planes is not going to be the rule once we get out of testing mode. But you are right, the only time that it helps to have access to bookmarks when you are offline is when you are trying to tell someone about a website. But that just happened for me last night.

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