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Podcasting – It’s Not an Industry… Not Yet At Least

Michael Geoghegan (who hosts the Official Disney podcast among other things) is stirring up the podcasting community again (like the good friend who comes over to your house for an intervention) with an article titled “Podcasting – It’s a Community Not an Industry“. I agree that “this is the year that podcast advertising takes off” …


World's Worst Podcast… A How To Guide

It occurs to me upon listening to a number of podcasts (I subscribe to around 100 podcasts) that many podcasters dabble with failure but never really fully embrace it. It seems like even the worst podcast has something that someone somewhere would value. But what, I wondered, if we combined the worst part of the …


Notes from the 2007 PNME (Podcast and New Media Expo)

I got back last Sunday from the PNME conference in Ontario, Californa. This is the biggest conference of the year for podcasters and it is a wonderful combination of smoozing, presentations, hobnobbing, and networking with other people who are also obsessed with podcasting. Tim and Emile Bourquin (The Podcast Brothers) did another wonderful job on …


A Case for Podcast Editing – Saving 100 Days Of Listener Time

I was looking at stats for one of my recent episodes of the Amateur Traveler podcast. I think it a good episode and it has had between 29,000 and 30,000 downloads so far. It occurred to me that I had spent a few hours editing the audio for that show. The guest had very interesting …


Podcasting On A Mac, What is Needed

Dear Apple, I don’t know if you have plans to upgrade GarageBand as a podcasting tool or for making a special podcasting tool but I just did a special version of my podcast on how I make my podcast using GarageBand, iTunes, Audacity, etc which might be of use if someone is thinking about what …