The 71 Best Podcasts – Confessions of a Podcast Addict

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They say that the first step in dealing with an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. I have a problem. The list of 71 podcasts below are shows that I listen to or watch. I do occasionally skip an episode but generally consume every episode of the following shows. I do actually subscribe to more shows than this but I did not include any show that does not come out regularly or has not come out recently.

How do I listen to so many shows? I listen mostly on my iPhone at double speed which means that it is easier for an audio show to get my attention than a video show.

There are of course other podcasts out there that are terrific but honestly… I feel I am doing my part. So the list has no knitting podcasts or sports podcasts but clearly reflects my personal interests. But I listen to an awful lot of podcasts so I think my opinion has some merit. It is easier to get on my list if your show is short because of the number of shows I subscribe to.

I put my favorites in bold. This list is subject to change but these favorite podcasts are the ones I am most committed to.

Yes, I did include my 4 podcasts, but what did you expect?





  • The History of Rome rss – audio – This is probably one of my two favorite podcasts. A show that can come out so regularly and come out with such high quality episodes is admirable.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History rss – audio – Dan’s show is much less frequent but another popular show for history buffs.
  • BBC History Magazine rss – audio – This show is a new addition for me and I find it a bit hit and miss.





  • Amateur Traveler Podcast – the best places to travel to rss – enhanced audio – The Amateur Traveler is an interview show focusing on travel destinations. This is my show.
  • Amateur Traveler Video rss – video – This again is my podcast which shows videos from my travel.
  • This Week in Travel rss – audio – I swear this is the last travel show I do. This Week in Travel is a roundtable discussion with Gary Arndt, Jen Leo, a guest and I looking at travel news.
  • Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! rss – audio – Betty N. Thesky is a flight attendant with a major airline who records crazy stories about air travel.
  • Fly With Me rss – audio – Joe d’Eon is a pilot for a major airline that also records stories on air travel. Joe got Betty (above) started in podcasting.
  • WOR – Arthur Frommer rss – audio – Arthur and Pauline Frommer are each a font of knowledge on travel, although the questions they get asked on this call-in show do get a bit redundant.
  • Peter Greenberg Worldwide rss – audio – I have no desire to travel as much as Peter Greenberg does. Peter has great guests from the travel industry as he broadcasts from a new destination each week.
  • Redbelly Radio rss – audio – This is another great company podcast from Southwest Airlines.
  • TravelCommons rss – video – My friend Mark Peacock talks about life as a road warrior business traveler.
  • Travel with Rick Steves rss – audio – Rick Steves interviews his guides or authors. The content is great but the show has two musical segments I fast forward through since he is repurposing his radio show.
  • Home Based Travel Agent Podcast rss – audio – This is obviously a niche show by my friends Barry Kantz and Lorene Romero.
  • Travel in 10: 10 Minute Travel Podcast rss – audio and video – David Brodie, yes another travel podcaster friend of mine, does a show that is travel destination focused.
  • rss – audio – Veteran travel journalists Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harrington host perhaps the shortest travel show.
  • The Indie Travel Podcast rss – enhanced audio – My friends Craig and Linda are Kiwis who host perhaps the best travel podcast for the backpack and hostel crowd.
  • Heather on her travels Podcasts rss – audio – Heather may have gotten her podcasting start on the Amateur Traveler but now has her own new travel show.
  • TravellingTwo: Bicycle Touring Around The World » Radio Shows rss – audio – Andrew and Friedel may have gotten their podcasting start on the Amateur Traveler but they now host a show about bike travel.
  • Galavanting rss – video – Kim Mance and her crew have one of the nicest looking video travel shows. At times the conversation seems scripted… just like on the Travel Channel which would do well to bring these ladies on board.
  • TIPS FOR TRAVELLERS: The Travel Destination Podcast rss – audio – Gary Bembridge does a travel show targeting more of the POSH style of travel like crossing the atlantic on the QE2. Gary always gives practical tips.
  • Lonely Planet Travelcasts rss – audio – This show is a bit hit and miss for my tastes as they try to cover the more unusual side of travel.
  • Podcasts rss – audio – This is another travel podcast targeting the backpack and hostel crowd.


  • The Bible Study Podcast rss – audio – OK, this is the last of my podcasts. The goal of this podcast is to cover the bible without all the politics.


  • Typical Shutterbug Podcast rss – audio – Victor Cajiao takes his congenial podcast ways (Typical Mac User podcast) and applies them to his hobby of photography.


  • Accident Hash rss – audio – CC Chapman’s oldest podcast is this music show that looks at more independent bands. CC gets excited about music also.
  • Build the Church rss – audio – Podcaster Mark Linder knows I hate the opening and closing of this contemporary Christian music podcast, but I loved the music… usually. Mark’s show runs the gamut from blues and soft rock to head banging and rap.


  • Griddlecakes Radio rss – audio – Ron Ploof is a story-teller and this highly produced podcast shows that the art of story telling is not dead.

by Chris Christensen

I am the host of the Amateur Traveler. The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and what are the best places to travel to. It includes both a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast, and a blog.

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No “Tips from the Top Floor”? Best photography podcast, period.

Tafelrunde Network


You missed this amazing podcast

Have a good day

Jeff in Dallas


No science related podcasts on the list? Typical Apple user.

Big Picture Science (SETI)
Science Friday (NPR)

A. Bates


Hmm, notice you are a little thin on music podcasts.

Try mine out:

BTW, you’re lucky computers can’t do math or otherwise they’d be able to sneak their way past your security question.



Chris, love the post. You provided some great content. We started a podcast entitled Field Focus last year and love providing good, clean, informational content about the mission field and so much more. Give us a try. Thanks, Rob



What, no Radiolab?



One of the best comedy podcasts I have started listening to recently is called The Grapes of Rad. It is high quality and hilarious! Check it out . . .




Excellent list..Glad to see I am not the only podcast addict :). thanks for sharing- have added many!

Evan Harris


Hello, i stumbled across your list here and wd be honored to be considered for future ones. My name is Evan Harris and I am a local actor/improviser/writer in Greenville, SC and i host a podcast with fellow local comedian/writer/.improviser Jason Underwood called The Bearded Ones(search beardedone on stitcher). We talk mainly geek centric, but its for a free form covnersation podcast with news, personal stories, geek stories and improvised sketches.

Thank you for your consideration!

Chris Christensen


it doesn’t hurt to ask