Twas the night before MacWorld

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a poem that I wrote for MacWold in 2007

Twas the night before MacWorld
And all through the hall
Not a vendor was stirring
No, not at all

The attendees lay snuggled
asleep in their beds
While visions of iPhones
danced in their heads

The iPhone is here!
It’s coming right quick
We’d been told this before
(A marketing trick)

The rumor sites spewed
complete information
Its color was puce
It had teleportation

It holds all your podcasts
All of them fit!
Like Amateur Traveler,
MacCast and TWiT

The screen is quite large
But small in its case
Through SETI it picks up
strange signals from space

The battery life
is well more than an hour
It keeps running for years
on nuclear power

And what of the iTV
promised last fall
will that debut
in this hallowed hall?

We saw that the box
was sleek and quite skinny
Comfortably fitting
atop of my mini

The rumor sites claim
that it now has a drive
and streams from location
unedited, live!

It hold all my movies,
my songs and my shows
An plays them at random
as only Steve knows

Its picture are cleared
by well applied science
I hear that doubles
as kitchen appliance

The rumors say iLife
is set to reprise
with a new holographic
ui a surprise

The video iPod
surely we’ll see
which unfolds to reveal
a flat screen TV

When all of a sudden
There arose such a din
My alarm clock is ringing
And I have slept in

I sprang from my bed
And jumped in the shower
The keynote of Steve Jobs
Begins in an hour

by Chris Christensen

I am the creator of, a popular travel blog / podcast. I am also a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast, The Bible Study Podcast and the Passport Marketing and PR Podcast. I am the owner of and a software consultant.

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