The Shower – a Poem

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I just stumbled upon this old poem that I wrote:

The Shower

I stumble from bed
Like a zombie, half-dead
Groping my way to the shower

I stay there it seems
Under life giving streams
For the better part of an hour

I rinse and I scrub
In a shower not a tub
But it’s not just for hygiene I came

I lather with hope
As I cling to my soap
That I might soon remember my name

With gusto I sing
But the dreams they still cling
Inside my somnambulant head

I shower for long
‘Til the danger’s all gone
That I’ll wander right back to my bed

Wasteful you say
How I stay there all day
Draining some reservoir deep

While others abound
It’s water I’ve found
The only true solvent for sleep

by Chris Christensen

I am the creator of, a popular travel blog / podcast. I am also a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast, The Bible Study Podcast and the Passport Marketing and PR Podcast. I am the owner of and a software consultant.

2 Responses to “The Shower – a Poem”

Sherry Ott


Great stuff! It reminds me of how much I hate mornings. Which reminds me that I should go to bed now….



bravo – encore!