"The Stone Was Rolled Away" Notes

This song was written for Easter 1995. My wife thought this song did not sound joyful enough to be about Easter. I was thinking about what the first Easter must have been like for the disciples. We think of Easter as a great day of celebration which it is. But as I read the Bible it took the disciples a while to realize this. Even when they saw Jesus they were more afraid than joyful at first. We celebrate Easter and then go home. Their lives would be changed forever.

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"The Stone Was Rolled Away" Lyrics

They came to the tomb to anoint his body 
On the first day since they had watched him die 
They came to the tomb to pay their last respects and 
They came to the tomb to say goodbye 
But the stone had been rolled away, away and 
Nothing left but grave cloths where the body lay 
All their lives where changing turning around 
'Cause the Son of God wasn't lying in the ground 
What have they done with his body? 
He who they mocked to his death 
What have they done with the one who forgave them 
While taking his very last breath? 
Angels in raiments of white 
Now say he is living 
What had once seemed like the end 
Was just the beginning 

© Chris Christensen