"Rise Up" Notes

The theme for the 1995 Labor Day Family retreat at my church was "Leaps and Bounds". I was challenged by Rita Hoegel who one of the retreat coordinators to write a theme song. Right. I informed her it not that easy then proceeded this song while riding my bike home from church. It would be longer but live close church so short ride. It could have been worse. If I had taken car as usual it might be very short indeed.This song like some others has changed a bit from the version that was taught at the retreat. More and more I find that a song needs to simmer a bit before I come up with the final tune.

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"Rise Up" Lyrics

At the temple gate a beggar sat 
A paralytic on his mat 
Never walked for a single day 
Tell he heard Peter say 
Rise up and leap and jump for joy 
There's good news all around 
When Jesus Christ has picked you up 
No one can put you down 
Our love is growing 
We can't stop showing 
This love of Jesus that we have found 
Our love is growing by RISE UP 
repeat Chorus 
The people saw the beggar rise 
And dance and leap before their eyes 
He got up from his beggar bed 
And turned to them and said 
Chorus twice  

© Chris Christensen