"God Is In Control" Notes

I wrote this song in the Spring of 1995. One of those bad news days on the evening news.

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"God Is In Control" Lyrics

I turn on the TV and I watch the evening news
About the murder and the mayhem and I start to get the blues 
So I look into the Bible and I see that it is true, that 
God is in control 
Oh, oh, oh 
God is in control 
His arm is still long 
His strength is still strong 
He has been there all along 
God is in control 
Oh, oh, oh 
God is in control 
I pick the paper and I read about the scandals 
And I'm driving through the neighborhoods and see the work of vandals 
All the lights are going out, I'm lighting all the candles, saying 
I turn on the radio and hear about another war 
And gangs are in the city schools, and don't know what they're fighting for 
And all my hope is running out and I can't take it anymore, but 
I turned off the TV 'cause the news is incomplete 
And I gave the morning paper right to my parakeet 
I'm turning down the radio and rising to my feet saying 

© Chris Christensen