AddressBook Printer

An application to create small printed address books using data from Apple's AddressBook application.


A simple application to switch Application docks. Have one doc with your applications for work and another one for your games for instance. (FREE)


A simple game of falling blocks. When three or more blocks with the same pattern line up they disappear. Use the keyboard to move the blocks left to right or to rotate the blocks. Similar to Tetris.


The classic card game of Cribbage. The game includes complete rules to the card game as well as mode to help you learn the card game


This application supports keeping a variety of checklists on your Newton. I use it for instance to keep my list of things to pack for a trip. I can check off which items to bring on this particular trip and then make that list into a new list. I can print, fax, mail or beam that list.


The classic concentration game. match two pictures and you get to remove them to reveal the hidden picture.

Buzzword Bingo

This game was inspired by a Dilbert Cartoon by Scott Adams. The players make a list of words likely to be uttered at whatever boring meeting they are going to or TV show they are watching. They then chose which list they will play and create a bingo card. When you hear the word, select the box. Who will get bingo first? Currently it does not have any built in lists but you can mail and beam a list to a friend.

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