My iPod is Too Quiet

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My iPod is too quiet. I know what you think. He must already be a victim of hearing loss like in the class action suit recent filed against Apple. That is not the case. My hearing is fine. I have even had it checked recently. And yet the fact remains that my iPod is too quiet. How so you ask? The answer is quite simple really.

I am not saying that when I plug my iPod into the ear bus that came with the iPod it is too quiet, but that is not how I use my iPod much of the time. I have a new car stereo which has an external jack into which I can plug an iPod shuffle. The problem I have is that the sound coming from the iPod is much quieter than the sound coming from my CD player built into the stereo. So when I switch from the iPod to the car stereo or the CD player then the volume nearly blasts me from the vehicle if I forget to turn down the volume first.

That is one of the major flaws in the class action suit. Apple can’t tell what amount of power is coming from the iPod but cannot actually measure what volume will result. So, thanks very much for thinking of my well being, but keep your hands off my iPod and its volume setting. Perhaps for a change we could all practice personal responsibility for our own volume settings. Oh and kids, especially mine… turn down the volume or it will hurt your hearing.

by Chris Christensen

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Okay!! So you think your ipod is too quiet. No man nobody is going to touch your ipod. My dear use your ipod like an ipod and I hope you will enjoy it in future.

Tim Woolfson


Hey there,

Have you tried:

1.)In ITunes going to your library

2.)Selecting all your tunes

3.)Right click – Get Info

4.)Ignore the irritating warning!

5.)Sliding the volume adjustment bar fully to the right +100%

6.)Waiting ages (depending size of your library and PC speed) for your machine to process all this.

7.)Connecting your IPod and waiting again for the update?

You might find your IPOD music output volume is just a little bit louder and thus when you connect your CD player it’s just a bit less deafening!!!

Hoping this helps,

Tim Woolfson

Tim Woolfson


Or alternatively you could turn down the output volume on your CD player!!!



I don’t know if you will ever see this… but thanks a lot Tim….. I work in a plastic injection factory and the ambient noise is incredible. Your suggestion helped incredibly. Thanks again




Great tip, thanks Tim.

Yes, my iPod is (was) also way too quiet. Raw Power by Iggy and The Stooges was the only thing I could hear nicely.



I have an iPod Shuffle 2 and I cannot hear it at on airplanes. I can barely hear it in the gym above other music and noise. Is this an issue just with teh Shuffle or are ALL iPods outputting very low volume?



In my experience it is all iPods. I have the same problem on a plane… when my wife steals my noise canceling headphones.

Calum Young


i would like to thank tim woolfson for you r info on increasing ipod volume

YEEEEAAAAHHH! i’m away to listen to drum and bass

kick ass name by th way

Adam Robinson


Tim Woolfson = complete legend.

Well played sir, well played.

My ipod used to be ridiculously quiet, i even brought amazing headphones and it didn’t work, your trick however did the job nicely.

Thanks mate


Joe F


Thank you soooooooo much!!! OMG my quiet ipod has been doing my head in!!



Dude i have that same problem not with my car but with my earphones plugged into the ipod shuffle i hate it because i have to edit all 250 of my songs with audacity, I’m trying to see if there’s a fix first. I will try what Woolfson suggest.



I had already done the 100% thing. My ipod used to be loud. I could mow the lawn, vacuum the house and rock along to the music, but no more. Now it is useless. 🙁 Any other suggestions?



I would first double check your ear buds. Usually when that changes for me it is because it is time to replace the ear buds.



Thank you Tim!



I have the same thing: in car (through my Yaris’s aux jack), in the gym (through the gym’s stereo aux in –others plug in there’s is plenty loud), etc. Podcasts are the absolute worse. I do the Get Info – Options – Volume slide to 100% and that works. But what a pain in the butt, especially for podcasts since I have to adjust the volume whenever a new podcast is received in iTunes before sending it off to my iPod. There should be a global setting that automatically adjusts podcast volume in iTunes. There should be a global adjustment in the iPod (mine’s a Touch). More examples, imo, of Apple’s shoddy apps.



go to settings on the ipod,
go to Volume limit

set to high



Thanks so much Woolfson! After accidently dropping my iPod Shuffle 4g the songs went wierdly quiet, but you are a Genius! Everything is back to normal!