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mortar boardYou might get the impression from the books that I read that I am working on a “do it yourself MBA by mail” course. The truth is not far from that.

As the chief technologist at a community marketing agency and in my previous endeavors I have lived through many of the triumphs and pitfalls chronicled in numerous business and marketing books.

  • I learned, among other things, the value of a “sincere tie” at Watson’s IBM.
  • I searched for excellence at Hewlett-Packard back during the days of the HP Way.
  • My first startup (Momenta) died trying to cross Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm.
  • I learned to start a project with a t-shirt design at Apple as instructed by Kawasaki.
  • I bet on the value of internet community with the author’s of Net Gain (dedicated in part to the 3 founders of my current company).

I have built and launched products, hired and managed teams. I have debated the 5 P’s of marketing as they apply to my business, but it turns out I had never actually read about them. I became increasingly aware of my ignorance. Those of you who know me know that I am uncomfortable with ignorance.

And so the process of re-educating, re-making and re-branding my self continues.

by Chris Christensen

I am the creator of AmateurTraveler.com, a popular travel blog / podcast. I am also a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast, The Bible Study Podcast and the Passport Marketing and PR Podcast. I am the owner of BloggerBridge.com and a software consultant.

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