Turn Your T-Shirts Into a Quilt

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T-Shirt QuiltWorking in Silicon Valley for a couple of decades, you can accumulate quite a few t-shirts. I had shirts that lasted longer than the company did. I had shirts from companies like Momenta, Apple, Talk City and LiveWorld, not to mention project shirts like Amateur Traveler, eWorld, Newton, and that production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat I was in. I had shirts that commemorate Barry Bonds 756th home run as well as the young group choir tour I chaperoned. I have shirts from my own t-shirt store as well.

Eventually they start piling up and taking up closet space. My wife gave me a gift for Christmas, or perhaps she gave herself the gift of closet space as she had 30 of my t-shirts mad into a new quilt. I got to keep my memories and she got 30 hangers back.

The project is not cheap.She outsourced the work to CampusQuilt.com. which can make items as small as a pillow from a single t-shirt to a double bed quilt like this one. Of course, I have already started accumulating more t-shirts so in another decade or two I may have to get another quilt.


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Nice. I just threw away some old Zeppelin t-shirts and a t-shirt from an old girlfriend’s business. Maybe I should go drag them out of the trash/Goodwill box? JFK would be sooooo pleased.

Chris Christensen


You threw out Zeppelin shirts? Dude!